Hi everyone! Here's another blast-from-the-past adventure. Sadly, I have lost contact with Jennifer and I have not spoken to her in nearly five years. If you know her, let her know she's still on this web site and I miss her! -Steve
Steve and Jen in Denver, Colorado (July 2000)
We drove to the miniature golf course that Jen had in mind, but they were closed...
...and so, not knowing where else to go, we wound up at McDonalds. Look! It's missing half of an arch - that's funky!
Jen was so happy to get a penny back in change.
We both got yummy, tasty McFlurries. I love food!
At the McDonald's this girl nearby kept looking over almost begging that I take a photo of her. How cute she is! :)
We finally found a miniature golf place...
Yeeeeehaaaaw! :-D
I'm not sure if I shot well from that position.

By the way, have you visited the Golf Discussion Forum yet? :)
What would a miniature golf course be without a tacky windmill?
Jen and I got into a terrible argument about scoring and rules. She was continually insisting that I go first on holes, while she learned from my mistakes. That was so stinking unfair! :-(
I almost lost my ball in the stream at one point.

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