Job Hunt 2002
Job Hunt Pictures, March 2002
Resume Howdy folks! Since many of you requested it, here are pictures of my job hunt. That's my resume. I chose a nice creamy Ivory color.
Steve on the phone Have been making lots of phone calls! HA HA HA! What a picture!
Donna encourages Steve Hair Consultant candidate Donna Ward really encouraged me this morning. There she is posing with the classified ads. :)
downtown Colorado Springs I did stop by downtown Colorado Springs to personally drop off a resume.
Letter to the Editor Oh, but there's lots of distractions in my job hunt, like seeing my letter to the editor in todays Colorado Springs Independent. I've got such a HUGE EGO. I love my name in print! :)
Lists I'm doing lots of networking and writing down everything. I'm convinced networking is the #1 way to land a job.
Scrabble Okay, so here's what I do in my apartment. I do a flurry of job-hunt work and then I treat myself to a quick game of Scrabble on the computer. :)
Job hunt leads to Woodland Park Good news! I'll be up in Woodland Park in the late afternoon for a job-hunt related task! :)

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