Random Hodge Podge of Cool Pictures
June 2002
Windy road in Garden of the Gods.
A couple of delicious gourmet drinks at Spice.
It seemed like the WHOLE CAST was at Spice of Life Cafe! My younger brother Mark (wearing the Mr. T t-shirt) bought a Bokimatti Breve with Boki and Pony66 in the background.
That's a mountain giving me "the finger" but let me tell you, after going up some of those major hills by bike, I felt quite tempted to return the gesture. :)
My Hair Consultant Donna Ward looks uhhhhhhh, kinda weird.
A very strange man holds one of my business cards.
A helicopter drops water on the Hayman Fire.
Flowers outside the Cliff House.
Smoke emits from the forest near Lake George. (Hayman Fire)
That's Jim, the guy from New Jersey who stayed in my living room with my brother. And by the way, Jim paid for my one drink and pool games during the night that I conquered that Ms. Pac Man machine! :)
I biked over the Rio Grande in its adolescense close to Del Norte, Colorado.
One more shot of the Hayman fire.
Mark places his order at Spice of Life.
My friend Beth at Garden of the Gods.
Jim, sleeping on my green couch.

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