Most of these pictures I really like. I just couldn't figure out how to make an adventure from each individual picture. So, here's a grand hodgepodge of some really good shots! Love, Steve :)
Extra Random Pictures Gathering on Steve's Computer, June 2001
Fun Art Ha ha ha...Bernie sent me this awhile back. I made this picture on Bernie's computer over 4 years ago.
Bakersfield people Some of the folks I met in Bakersfield.
Lantern thing I shot this one at the reception of Matt and Jenni's wedding. Sweet picture!
Building Somewhere in downtown Colorado Springs.
Garden of the Gods & Pikes Peak Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak. That is the reason why I live here. :)
Yucca Plant in bloom The yucca plants are in bloom right now!
Fountain, Colorado Fountain, Colorado. Pretty boring town. (This is the only worthwhile picture I took while visiting.)
Sharon, Heidi and new hubby Sharon (the bride) and Heidi spent the summer in Russia with me two years ago.

Hi girls! Congratulations Sharon!

Krispy Kreme ... YUM! I was so happy to visit a Krispy Kreme when I was out in Bakersfield.
Hockey Watched the Colorado Avalanche destroy the New Jersey Devils tonight in Game 6. Go Avs!
Great cigars! Chris Morton offered me top quality cigars to smoke with him. What an experience smoking a cigar of excellence! Thanks Chris!

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