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LASAGNA & MEATBALL Dinner Pictures with Steve's Family! - December 2003
Lasagna Dinner Hooray! I had a typical Italian lasagna & meatballs with the family! :)
Lasagna Dinner Mama cuts a hunk of lasagna.
Lasagna That is the first plate of food I ate.
Eating Eating That is me eating. Oh the happiness to my stomach!

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  • Meatballs We had a full plate of meatballs and green beans too!
    Eating Lasagna My younger brother Mark chomps away and uh, I got my Mom eating too! ;)
    A couple of nice shots of my papa! :)
    Bottle of Wine Mark proudly holds a bottle of wine.
    Mark Mark gulps down the last of his apple cider.
    Lasagan Dinner Special thanks to Mom for cooking the lasagna & meatballs and my awesome family! It is too bad my older brother and has family were not there too. Maybe next time! :)