Manitou Springs Apartment

Loree Gives Me Free Stuff! WOO-HOO!

Hi guys. Well, a good friend of mine named Loree (see adjacent picture) gave me some of her home fixtures for my apartment ... for free! It was so amazing. I was telling people at my Bible study about the needs I had for my apartment, not realizing I'd get "some help" so quickly!

It turns out Loree is moving to a new place this week and was looking to get rid of some of her stuff. She let me have two large fake trees, one plant in the yucca family, and three really nice prints. I really like them a lot!

So slowly but surely I am taking small steps into turning my apartment into a home. I know that decorating my place is going to be a growing experience. No doubt, this project is way out of my comfort zone.

Oh! Then later in the afternoon, Bob came by to take a look at where I am planning to build shelves into the wall. He gave me some sound advice, specificaly that I should consider building something that I could take with me (as opposed to building it into the wall). So right now my next step is to find someone who might want to help me build them. I'm thinking of asking Richard ... we'll see.

Another picture of Loree. She's moving out of this really nice condominium complex because she couldn't afford it. Granted, it's a really nice place, but I'm not crazy about the impersonal, cookie-cutter look of the complex. Ah well.

Okay, that's all for now. Steph and I are heading to Bishop's Castle and Lake Isabel tomorrow. Take care!

And by the way, if you actually had the attention span to read this entire article, well, pat yourself on the back.

Love, Steve :)

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