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Steve Has Friends Over For BREAKFAST! August 2001
Matt and Jenni I had Tara, Sherri and Loree over for breakfast. They all go to our Bible Study. The first few pancakes I made didn't turn out that well, but they still tasted good.
Funny handsome guys So I'm learning how to cook a lot of things and it's way out of my comfort zone to host people ... but I'm loving it! (That's Tara. She's the one who made the rainbow-colored jello.)
Annie Sherri and Tara really got a kick out of the farting book on my coffee table.
Hot car Wow! Look at all that BEAUTIFUL FOOD!!!
Buffet picture! It was really delicious. Taking pictures of the breakfast reminded me of the time at Bonton's Cafe this spring.
Food picture After breakfast, we went for a walk in Manitou Springs and visited the Arcade.
Mentally Ill Woman We won 27 tickets and the girls had a hard time deciding what to get. That's Loree on the right. She's the one who really helped me out when I was moving into my apartment earlier this year. (Loree, sorry that I didn't put any other pictures of you on here. You weren't in as many pics as I thought.) :(

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