Manitou Springs, CO

Manitou Springs Lights

My Stroll Through Manitou Springs On A Couple Of Nights - Photos

The Loop April 2005 - It was Friday night and on a walk through Manitou Springs, I snapped pictures of the lights. Adjacent is the neon lights on the Loop Mexican Restuarant. :)
Craftwood Inn Manitou Springs The pretty lights of the Craftwood Inn!
Neon Lights Fat Tire Beer Neon Sign LEFT: A Bud sign at the Ancient Mariner.
RIGHT: A Fat Tire sign at the Royal Tavern.
Motel Neon Lights The lights of the La Fon Motel.

Manitou Springs, CO The eastern entrance from Colorado Avenue.
Drummers It was a peaceful evening. And then I encountered ...

Hippies banging drums! :)
You've got to love Manitou Springs! This small group of folks were banging their drums on the sidewalk. Andy, the second guy on the left, was leading them and has done a lot of drum circle type stuff. Special thanks to all of them for posing naturally and allowing me to photograph them! :)

ATM An ATM near Patsy's Candies. What can I say? I was bored! :p)
Manitou Springs Town Clock The town clock.
Budweiser Neon Light

Royal Tavern Manitou

Two photos from November 2002.

A neon Budweiser light and the pink Royal Tavern light. on Facebook

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