Arizona Photos
Matt and Jenni's Wedding
Matt and Jenni There they are, how cute! I lived with Matt in Denver during this final spring semester at school.
Handsome Men Ha ha ha ... the guys I sat with while we were waiting for the wedding to start.
Steve and Annie I only got this picture with Annie (a really sweet girl) on the condition that I "X" out her face if it made it on this site. :p)
Pink Classic Car Matt, another guy I briefly roomed with in Denver, drove the groom and bride in his classic Chevy!
Buffet picture! There was a beautiful buffet! Woo-hoo!
Food Let's get to the nitty gritty details of the wonderful food I ate. The pork was chewy and tasty, the chicken was tender and doused with an amazing sauce, and the taters, veggies and bread were excellent! Yum!
Troubled Woman All I will say is, these were the two woman that sat across from me at the banquet! :)
Dance with Mike I danced with Mike - it was a lot of fun!

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