The Latest Random Pictorial of Pictures, May 2002
Paul and Amber Paul and Amber, brother and sister. Awwwwwwwwww!
Japhy and Mitzy at Cinco de Piyama. :)
Monarch Pass Monarch Pass ... over two miles above sea level!
Waldo Canyon Waldo Canyon Loop Trail
After playing foosball, Tara's brother began playing darts and nearly hit Tara!
A shot of Donna and Boki, two weeks before the election.
Me and Amber on the Manitou Trolley. I love this picture! :)
It's late at night, and I'm really craving a drink at Spice of Life. Unfortunately, they're not open this late. :(
The grounds at the Broadmoor Hotel.
Last but not least, Marc Fey and myself. Marc is a neat friend ... check out his web site:

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