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My Messy Desk

My Friend Lars' Photograph Of My Really Messy Desk Area - March 2007

Messy Desk My messy desk! What an honor it is to have this photo of my messy desk taken! :)

Lars Leber, a professional photographer and friend who lives in Colorado Springs, visited my home last month with us eventually traveling to the Great Sand Dunes the next day.

While in my living room and computer area (where I have my web cam), Lars snapped the adjacent photo of my very messy desk. As you can see, Lars did a great job formatting the photo in a way that brings out some of the colors and "feel" of my desk. Thank you Lars!

Among the many things on my desk are a cinnamon apple candle, my camera case, wallet, bicycling glasses, five cacti (including an organ pipe cactus farthest left), a Russian Pepsi can, a package of Red Vines, a Google holiday greeting card, a U2 CD, a barrel of blue monkeys, strings of Christmas lights, a copy of the Denver Post that plugged this site, a bumper sticker, my computer and keyboard, a British bobby hat and a ripped-up arm rest. ;)

I really want to encourage you to check out some of Lars' photography web sites. His work is definitely worth viewing: (his main site) and

Lars also has a very interesting site where he takes one unique photo on a daily basis:

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    All the best, my friends! -Steve

    You are welcome to comment about my messy desk or other topics on my:


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