Fiesta Mexicana Pictures! :)
Food, Fun and Fanfare at FIESTA MEXICANA!
Woodland Park, Colorado, March 2002
Fiesta Mexicana Sign I don't really do the restaurant critic thing, but I must say that this is one good restaurant!
Lauren and Scotty That's Lauren and Scotty! This afternoon Scotty bought an electoral college map and after delivering it to him in Woodland Park, he offered to BUY ME DINNER! WHAT A GUY!
Chips and Salsa The chips and salsa were fantastic. YUMMY YUMMY!
Steve sips on soda I sipped on my soda as I anxiously awaited my main course!
Friendly waitor That was our waitor. He was really friendly!
Sombreros Then the manager (in the middle) grabbed a sombrero and put it on Scotty's head. What a great picture!
My Dinner Reminds me of the stir fry I had at Loree's last weekend.
Pepper The chili pepper was pretty darn good too!
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  • Zoom-in on Dessert Dessert was amazing!

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