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Mount Antero Photos

My Photos of Mt. Antero
This is a tribute page to Mount Antero, a 14er in the Sawatch Range. Living in Buena Vista, this beautiful mountain is a common sight from the Arkansas River Valley.

Mount Antero Colorado
Above is a photo of Mount Antero that was taken near the Collegiate Peaks Overlook, east of Johnson Village.

I should also note that you can view photos of my hike of Mt. Antero in 2010.

Mount Antero
Also at the overlook, but with more snow.
Mount Antero
From the village of Nathrop, not far from where U.S. Highway 285 intersects it.
Mt. Shavano and Mt. Antero
An overcast day during a hike in Salida. Mt. Shavano is on the left; Mt. Antero is on the right.
Mt. Antero
From the town of Turret.
Mt. Antero
The view from Chaffee County Road 321 as one is about to come down the large hill to the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs.
Mt. Antero Colorado
The view of Mt. Antero from the summit of Mt. Princeton. Very beautiful!

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