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MT. PRINCETON! A Collection of Pictures of Buena Vista, Colorado's Signature Mountain!
(Compiled December 2005)

Mt. Princeton If you have ever visited Buena Vista, Colorado, you're probably quite aware of the stunning view of Mt. Princeton to the west. Standing at 14,197 feet in elevation at the summit, the "three humps" that comprise Mt. Princeton's eastern face are clear and unmistakable from the Arkansas Valley. Surely it teases the outdoorsy parts of our soul to approach it, explore it, photograph it, hike it or just sit in a hot tub and gaze at it! :)

Local Buena Vista residents like me are especially fortunate, for I am able to be inspired by Mt. Princeton everyday. Some of my neighbors seem to take the mountain for granted, but the sight of tourists in the summertime remind us that we are indeed living in a very special and magical mountain wonderland.

Sure, there are many other "14ers" in the immediate vicinity of Mt. Princeton, including Mt. Antero, Mt. Shavano, Mt. Yale, Mt. Harvard and Mt. Columbia (to name a few), but I think there's a consensus that Mt. Princeton is the "signaure mountain" of our itty-bitty town of 2,500 year-round residents. Just look to the west ...

I've included a collection below of all of the best Mt. Princeton pictures I have taken over the years. Please enjoy them!

-Steve :)

PICTURES OF MT. PRINCETON ... (Altitude 14,197 Feet)
Mt. Princeton
Mt. Princeton
I took these two pictures last week. That's was a "controlled fire" you see in both shots. :)
Mt. Princeton

Mt. Princeton
Johnson Village
Five pictures of Mt. Princeton from different angles, all from the general area of coming down Trout Creek Pass (westbound on Highway 24) while entering Johnson Village.
1) Mount Princeton
2) Mount Antero (left) & Mount Princeton
3) Zoom-in on Mount Princeton
4) From an overlook. (Johnson Village in foreground.)
5) Inside Johnson Village

These photos are part of my Buena Vista pictorial.
Buena Vista, Colorado
Mt. Princeton
From my round trip bike ride from Salida to Buena Vista.
TOP: Near downtown Buena Vista in front of Punky's Restaurant.
RIGHT: Approximately two miles west of the only traffic light in Buena Vista (on County Road 306), the view of Mt. Princeton stands tall and proud!
Mt. Princeton
Mt. Princeton
Two pictures from my Cottonwood Pass fall foliage adventure, before I had actually entered into the canyon from Buena Vista.

Mt. Princeton
From my St. Elmo pictorial ...

The two top photos were taken somewhere near Rodeo Road in the region known as Maxwell Park. The two bottom photos were taken on County Road 162, which leads into Chalk Creek Canyon towards the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs, the Chalk Cliffs and the ghost town of St. Elmo.
Mt. Princeton From my Chaffee County scenery pictorial.

Five pictures from my hike of Mt. Princeton. I ordered them in progression from the base to the summit. In the bottom photo, that's the view of the Arkansas Valley looking east from the summit.

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    Nathrop Post Office The Nathrop Post Office, with Mt. Princeton behind.

    Mt. Princeton from the Trail West Conference Center.
    Mt. Princeton The lighting was poor, but I got Mt. Princeton in the background in this particular shot from my deer pictures.
    Mt. Princeton The view of Mt. Princeton approximately 30 miles away at the summit of "S" Mountain in Salida.
    Sunglasses Picture Mt. Princeton in the background as I explained myself during the big sunglasses media frenzy! :p)
    Mt. Princeton A snowstorm dumped on Mt. Princeton shortly after I reached 3,000 bicycling miles for 2005.

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