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MT. YALE PICTURES! A Collection of Pictures of This Colorado 14er!
(Compiled December 2005)
Mt.Yale Part of my motivation for creating this Mt. Yale page is because I'm feeling an increasing determination to hike this mountain. I plan to bag it in early summer 2006! ;) (I took this photo will sitting in my car on Rodeo Road in Chaffee County. I also submitted it to!)
Mt.Yale Standing off of County Road 162 (near Nathrop), looking northwest towards Mt. Yale's diamond-shaped peak.
Mt. Yale The view of Mt. Yale while standing on the Mt. Princeton summit, looking north.
Here are all of my 14er climbs:
  • Mt. Princeton
  • Mt. Sherman
  • Pikes Peak
  • Mt. Democrat - Mt. Lincoln - Mt. Bross
  • Nathrop From the town of Nathrop.
    Note in this photo the large mountain that stands "in front" of Mt. Yale. That's Deer Mountain, directly west of Buena Vista, and it's that large mountain that obstructs the view of Mt. Yale from most of the Arkansas Valley, besides this southeasterly view. ;)
    Mt. Yale Mt. Yale peaks its head behind Deer Mountain, the view from the "scenic overlook" on Highway 24 east of Johnson Village.
    Mt. Yale I took this photo inside Cottonwood Canyon at the junction of Cottonwood Pass Road and the turnoff to Cottonwood Lake.

    A Few Other Mountain Pictorials: Dallas Divide - Colorado's Mountain Ranges - Hoosier Pass - Near Breckenridge

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