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Bernie and Steve at Seaside Heights, New Jersey


December 2003 Seaside Heights, New Jersey is about halfway down the shoreline of the state. I have fond memories of spending summer vacations with my family in this fun beach town with a boardwalk, games and amusement rides. On this page are my photos from a visit on a quiet winter day.
Seaside Heights, New Jersey
A couple of nice shots of the ocean. New Jersey Shore New Jersey Shore
I successfully convinced Bernie to drive down with me. We walked all over the beach and boardwalk. After this, we headed to Island Beach State Park and spent more time at the ocean. Steve Bernie
Bernie on the boardwalk. New Jersey Boardwalk
I just read The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, and if there really was a World War II vet named Eddie who worked at one of the piers, this page is dedicated to that man! :) New Jersey Boardwalk
There are two amusement piers in Seaside Heights.

Seaside Heights, NJ
New Jersey Pier
There's Bernie messing around with my new camera on the boardwalk! Bernie Doyle
More photos of the shore can been seen at Sandy Hook.
Not sure why, but Bernie suggested taking this picture.
Ooooooooooh! A seashell! :) Seashell
A roller coaster on the pier! Roller Coaster
Bernie climbed up on the ledge of the pier to get a closer look at those clowns.
That's me, trying to imitate that clown! :) Clown
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  • Bernie with his camera. Good times!

    Bernie Doyle

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