New Mexico Bicycle Ride: San Luis, CO to Taos, NM

Two Days of Cycling in New Mexico
In June 2004, I planned a New Mexico bike expedition from the north border to the south. But being relatively new to long-distance bicycle touring, I threw in the towel after just two days. In retrospect, as someone who would bike across the USA twice in later years, I consider this attempt kind of sad, but at least I did something. And I did enjoy myself and the scenery. This is my humble report. :)

New Mexico Bicycle Tour
San Luis, Colorado to Santa Fe, New Mexico in two days. 133 total miles.

Photos by Steve Garufi. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube


June 3, 2004 - I rolled out of bed at 3:53 a.m. in Manitou Springs to get ready and drive for hours to San Luis, which is 15 miles north of the Colorado / New Mexico state line.
3:53 a.m.
A *HUGE THANKS* to Anne who drove me there in my car, and then drove all the way back so early in the morning.

I wish I had a larger picture of her, but somehow I deleted it. Anyway, thanks Anne! :)

Anne Steve Garufi Bicyclist
I biked 15 miles to the state line.

TOP: Facing north, I said good-bye to Colorado.

SECOND: The New Mexico sign. The Land of Enchantment.

Colorado State Line
Welcome To New Mexico Sign
The Sangre de Cristo Mountains run south way into northern New Mexico. There's lots of pretty mountain scenery between San Luis, CO and Taos, NM. New Mexico Scenery
My favorite picture.

It may be an ordinary desert scene, but the lighting was perfect.

New Mexico Desert
For awhile, I rode along with this friendly guy named Daniel. We had a nice conversation.
Near Questa, New Mexico, this is a picture of Flag Mountain (elevation 11,986 feet). Flag Mountain, New Mexico
Pretty mountain scenery. New Mexico Mountain Scenery
Coming closer to Taos. Taos, NM and Santa Fe, NM

Arrival in Taos

Ristras at a roadside shop in Taos.
Ristra in New Mexico
Ha ha! Look at all those smiling suns ... and me trying to imitate them! :) Steve Garufi Cyclist

Click here: Day 2 Bike Ride to Santa Fe

A mountain scene near my motel in Taos.

Taos, New Mexico

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