Manitou Springs, CO
North Cheyenne Canyon In Colorado Springs - Fall Colors On September 27, 2002
I drove into North Cheyenne Canyon (west of Colorado Springs) this afternoon for a short visit.

The autumn season is among us! Below are some more autumn pictorials:

  • Yellow Leaves in Teller County
  • Bonanza, CO, Cottonwood Pass
  • Teller County 2003
  • Autumn Foliage An amazing picture!

    I think my car helps give the photo some perspective.

    Hikers I always look upon these hiking signs with pride. This is Colorado! :)
    Yellow Leaves Fallen leaves float on top of the stream inside the canyon.
    By the way, here are some other pictorials from inside North Cheyenne Canyon:
  • Mt. Cutler Trail (2002)
  • Mt. Cutler (2007)
  • Helen Hunt Falls
  • I just love the sound of a stream flowing down. It's very peaceful.
    Wow! Click this thumbnail to get a close up. Trees dangle their bright yellow leaves over the creek!
    Helen Hunt Falls (Bullet holes in the Helen Hunt Falls sign.) Keep driving up into the canyon and you will reach Helen Hunt Falls ...
    Helen Hunt Falls, CO ... My camera was facing almost directly into the camera, so I didn't get a good shot. In fact, you can even see my finger as I attempted to block the direct sunlight off.
    North Cheyenne Canyon Continue driving uphill among switchbacks and eventually you will reach a fork. Both drives are very scenic and this time I took the High Drive.
    1991 Honda CRX I passed the "Captain Jack" trailhead and then rode down a semi-narrow road.
    North Cheyenne Canyon, CO Plenty of mountain scenery of this drive! :)
    More colors.