Colorado Guy
Extra Pictures On Steve's Computer, November 2001
Castlewood Canyon A shot inside Castlewood Canyon in Douglas County.
American Flag That's my older brother Dave carrying an American flag as he runs a 5K race. Dave, with the rest of my family, live in the New York City area.
Texas Flag Picture I took this shot of the Texas flag on the Royal Gorge Bridge. My friend TeacherBear lives there and I wanted to show that I thought of her.
Classic Colorado The Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains meet. Took this up by the Wyoming border in northern Colorado. The mountain is Long's Peak, a fourteener.
World Series Picture The World Series ... SIGH!
The Cliff House in Manitou Springs The Cliff House, a historic hotel in Manitou Springs.
Loree That's my friend Loree, giving me a back rub. Her son is the one that called me a girl awhile back.
Great Sand Dunes in Colorado A shot of Dave Vetter at the Great Sand Dunes Park.
The Gazette in Colorado Springs A copy of the Colorado Springs Gazette article that rocked my world! GOOD GRIEF!
Rocky Mountain National Park An extra picture from my visit to Rocky Mountain National Park. Do click on the picture to get a closer look at just how HUGE those mountains are!
Christmas Cookie in Manitou Me eating a cookie at the Christmas parade. Notice the cool-looking blue house in the background!
Great Sand Dunes in Colorado Back at the Sand Dunes. We were at the top of a huge dune. Notice how high we are. Just beautiful!

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