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Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers at the Pepsi Center (Denver, CO)
November 21, 2001

Denver Nuggets Ticket Stub I received a free ticket to the Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers game last night in Denver. The ticket had a retail value of $34! Wow! I was grateful to receive this as a gift! :)

The player on the ticket stub is the one and only Antonio McDyess.

Nick Van Exel Nick Van Exel dribbles the ball - He is one of few above average players on the Nuggets.
Pepsi Center Scoreboard Early on, the Lakers dominated the Nuggets. Sigh! It has been a tough year for the Nuggets.
Cotton Candy Vendor Cotton Candy! :)
I asked the cotton candy guy if he was a loyal Nuggets fan and he seemed to get defensive. Oh well, it's not easy being a Denver Nuggets fan. :p)
Floating Coors Can Before the game, two floating balloons rose inside the arena, one shaped like a Coors can and the other like a newspaper. That was neat!
Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers The last name of the Los Angeles Laker with the ball is Fox. He is pretty good and I rooted for him because he has a pony tail! ;)
Denver Nuggets Scoreboard Yikes! The Lakers sored to a 22 point lead in the second quarter.
Ripped Jeans I took a picture of my ripped jeans. I think I need to buy a new pair. :)
Colorado Avalanche The Colorado Avalanche have won two Stanley Cups since moving to Colorado. That is something to be proud of.
Denver Nuggets Game I went to the highest level to sit with friends. That is Shaquelle O'Neal shooting a free throw.
Elevator There were elevators at the arena! That's me taking a picture of a mirror reflection inside the elevator! :)
Scoreboard 80-61 with just under six minutes remaining. The Lakers easily won! It was an enjoyable evening.