New York City Photos

Bernie and Steve Wander Around Manhattan - November 2000

Everyone Be Nice
In November 2000, Bernie and I did a number of things throughout Manhattan. On this page are some extra New York City photos from out visit.

While riding the subway, we noticed the vulgar question, crossed it out and put our own exortation to society. :)

Unarmed Black Man
Some graffiti on a Subway billboard.
New York Musician
A man performed with his guitar for the tourists as they waited to visit the Statue of Liberty.
A group of pigeons go after food on the ground.
57 Street Subway Station
The 57th Street Subway Station.
Bernie Doyle NY Subway
I told Bernie to do something crazy on the subway. :)
Lincoln Tunnel NY
We took the Lincoln Tunnel on the way home. It goes under the Hudson River.
Lincoln Tunnel Sign
Other New York pictures: New York Buildings, Central Park, Christmas Lights in Brooklyn

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