GOOD HEAVENS NO! Steve visits the Olsen Family!
October 21, 2001
Matt and Jenni Hi guys. Today I visited the Olsen Family in Colorado Springs. I met at their house and then we took a trip to my tipi. That's the very adorable Cassidy and Carly respectively! :)
Funny handsome guys HAAAAAaaaaaaa! What a great picture of the middle kid, Chase.
Annie That's Mark Olsen. He really enjoyed cleaning the inside and outside of my car windshield.
Hot car That's Christy smiling as she pumps gas. By the way, Mark and Christy are local heroes for their hard work in establishing Rising Star Communications a few years ago.
Buffet picture! Earlier at the house, I got a great shot of their food pantry. LOOK AT ALL THAT FOOD!
Food picture Cute spider. The Olsens have much of the house decorated with Halloween stuff. I don't get it, Christmas isn't that far away and they have Halloween stuff up!!!
Annie I kinda freaked out thinking about the whole issue. :-(
Hot car By the way, I was taking them to the tipi to uhhhhhh, well ... they might want to buy the tipi.
Buffet picture! What a great picture of Chase! :)
Food picture There it is. I'm only going to say this once:

If you want to visit the tipi, I highly suggest making it happen soon!

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