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The Omelette Parlor in Colorado Springs!

(Steve, His Parents and Lisa Enjoy Breakfast ... YUMMY YUM!) - July 2004

This isn't the most elaborate pictorial, but hey, it's new content! ;) I ordered the Edna, The Egglady omelette with chorizo.
Yummy yummy! Okay, here's my favorite food stuff:
  • Mexican, Root Beer Floats, Eating Pics, Taco Time, Dinner Date, Lasagna, Sugar Cookie, Yogurt, Steve Eats Cookie, Frozen Pizza
  • This is the best place for omelettes, and no, nobody paid me to say that! Just look at how beautiful that omelette is! :)
    Ha ha ha ha! I got photos of what my parents ordered!
    Lisa wasn't in the mood to be photographed, so I got the back of her head. Lisa is the girl who hiked lower Barr Trail with me, strangled me on a couch, gave me an armpit noogie and once got really upset with me when I photographed her icky-looking burrito. :P
    Check out the children's book Lisa authored!
    A couple of final shots. I really should have taken more photos, but Lisa and my parents were having some serious conversations and I guess I didn't want to get out of hand! :P

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