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PICTURES OF MOUNTAINS! Rocky Mountain Pictures From C.R. 384 (Chaffee County) - January 2006

Colorado On my way back from a very exhilirating visit to a yak farm (pictures are coming!) in Granite, Colorado, I turned onto Chaffee County Road 384 just off of Highway 24, north of Buena Vista. Visibility was nearly perfect and the sun was casting its light on the Sahwatch Range like a skilled artist working a canvas.

I especially love these kinds of pictorials, when I exert little to no energy and get so much "bang for my buck" in Colorado Rocky Mountain scenery, for I pretty much stood in the same space and took pictures of the mountains in all directions. ;)

Enjoy the pictures! And while I got you here, be sure to check out my latest article about how I finished my 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle too when you get the chance. ;)

Have a rockin' day!

All The Best,
-Steve :)

Pictures of the Rocky Mountains ... (Chaffee C.R. 384 & State Highway 24)
Mt. Princeton Mt. Princeton, looking to the southwest.
  • Hike Of Mt. Princeton
  • Mt. Princeton Picture Page
  • Rocky Mountains Mt. Yale's summit to the right.
    Rocky Mountains Mt. Harvard, looking to the northwest.
    Colorado The snow-covered Buffalo Peaks, looking northeast.
    Colorado Looking back at my car.
    Here are other mountain range pictorials:
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  • Telluride Scenery, Spurce Gulch Trail
  • Hoosier Pass, Breckenridge Mountains
  • Colorado Mountains, Lizard Head Pass
  • And if the links above didn't give you enough of a Rocky Mountain fix, here are a few more random Colorado pictorials:
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  • Twin Lakes

  • You're welcome to comment about any of these Rocky Mountain pictures on my:


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