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PICTURES OF PARROTS! Two Beautiful Parrots (Hyacinth Macaws) at a New Jersey Pet Shop!
December 2005
Parrot I tagged along with Bernie to a pet shop, so he could buy some worms for his pet iguana, when I noticed these two beautiful blue parrots. Wow! They are actually called Hyacinth Macaws and they're in the "conure" family.
Parrot Just look at how large and colorful this parrot is ...
And those beautiful yellow and black eyes!
Two Parrots The two parrots looked so happy just hanging out uncaged in the shop. Neat huh? :)
Parrot One shot with me and the parrots in the background. :)
I know this is all about the parrots, but here are pictures of the bag of worms, Bernie acting like he would eat the worms and his pet iguana at home with cacti in the background.
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