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PICTURES OF DENVER: The Mile High City (altitude 5,280 Feet)

(Pictures With Captions & Links To All Of My Denver Pages) - Compiled October 2005

I confess I've always had a love-hate relatonship with the city of Denver. Part of the problem was I commuted for two years back and forth from Colorado Springs to Denver for graduate school, and my heart somehow hardened after experiencing numerous rush-hour traffic jams on I-25 and the south Denver suburbs.

Ah, but I'm, and I certainly have no business dissing any part of my state, right? I think my transformation towards Denver began when my parents insisted on vacationing in downtown Denver for week and I got to see a different side of this very interesting city.

Below is a collection of photos with links to all of my Denver area pictorials. They could help if you're looking for something to do, but keep in mind I just scratched the surface of interesting things to do in Denver. It's true I consider myself a very laid-back small town type of guy (living here in beautiful Buena Vista), but if you're looking for some "action" and social stimuli in Colorado, look no further than Denver.

Have a great one! Love, Steve :)

Downtown Denver!
Here's a few shots of some high rises. I walked around downtown with my parents and I really should have taken some good pictures of the Pearl Street Mall and the LoDo district. Those are definitely two happening places with snazzy restaurants, brew pubs and nightlife entertainment.

The Denver Botanic Gardens ...
My buddy Nick and I visited in September 2004.
The Denver Butterfly Pavilion ...
If you're fascinated with butterflies, then you really need to visit the Denver Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, a suburb to the NW just off State Highway 36.
Fish The Ocean Journey Aquarium ...
This is definitely the premier aquarium in the region. ;)
Casa Bonita Mexican Restaurant! ...
Folks, if you have kids and want to take them to a crazy and entertaining place, Casa Bonita is the place to go. They're located in Lakewood, just west of Denver on Colfax Avenue.
It's true I'm a graduate of Denver Seminary (M.A. Counseling 2002) and while I didn't take many pictures of the campus as a student, I did have this one photo of me all ticked off after a campus soda machine ripped me off of a nickel! :p)
The Colorado Railroad Museum ...
If you have kids who absolutely love trains or if you're interested in Colorado's railroad history of the past, this would probably be an interesting place to visit. (Located in Golden)

My parents and I spent an afternoon in Central City & Blackhawk (two historic mining towns with casinos). I also took them for a short drive up to the Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70 for some scenery.
Now I'm certainly not an expert on the best hiking trails in the Denver area, but I do recommend the Devil's Head Fire Lookout Tower, located west of Sedalia in the mountains.
Denver Denver A couple of photos from my really old pictorial of downtown Denver. The photos aren't the greatest, but hey ...
Denver Since this is my official Denver page, I'd like to commemorate my buddy Dave Ortiz and I who biked round trip from Manitou Springs to Denver in two days in May 2005. What a ride! :) It was 80 miles going up there, and 75 miles going back down. ;)
Below are some of my Colorado biking adventures:
  • Bike Across Colorado (2003)
  • Biking in Buena Vista/Salida
  • Bike to Monarch Pass Summit

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