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SNOW PICTURES AT COTTONWOOD PASS! (October Snowstorm in Colorado)
October 9, 2005

So here's what happened...
I took a drive into Cottonwood Canyon from Buena Vista and planned to maybe take some final autumn photos. The weather was dreary with drizzling rain, but I still got some decent shots. As I continued uphill in the canyon, the drizzling rain turned into sleet, and before I knew it, I was in the midst of a pretty darn strong snowstorm!

So for those of you who love snow ... :)
I was too lazy to get out of the car for this photo and the two snow pictures below. ;)
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  • The Cottonwood Pass summit is a really special and sentimental place for me. Altitude 12,126 Feet! :)
    Visibility was poor. Note the woman in the right photo looking out.
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  • Special thanks to my car for making it up there! :)
    One token photo of me. Notice the snow coming into the car!
    One last snow picture on the way down. :)

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