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Pictures of YUMMY PITZELS in Manitou Springs - July 30, 2002
My parents are in town and this morning my mama brought a large container of PITZELS for all the Manitou Springs locals at Spice of Life Cafe!
Pitzels are simple yet very delightful! It's a flat wafer with powdered sugar on top. They are SO YUMMY! :)
Pony66 really enjoyed trying one.
That's Boki. What can I say? We've got some really freaky people in our small mountain town.
Karen was especially happy to eat one, because she's Italian and grew up having them ... in fact, my mama made them when I told her about how Karen missed them from her childhood!
One more shot of those beautiful pitzels!
Hee hee. :P
Japhy is growing into a huge chunky little kid! In fact, he was showing off how he can lift himself up by bracing his arms on the table and chair! :)
So my mama explained to Karen about how to make those pitzels...
...and then she showed cute baby pictures of me in her wallet.
I took a picture of one of the photos. That's my older brother and me, left and right. Wasn't I a cutie? :)
Ha ha ha! Another great shot of Boki!
Karen was so grateful that I convinced my mama to bring pitzels that she gave me a BIG HUG! It looks like I wasn't enjoying the hug, but I was. Also, I really hate this picture of me - My face looks fat, my hair is matted down and I look like I'm 55 ... but I really love the shot of Karen's adorable back! :)

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