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QUANDRY PEAK PICTURES! A Collection of Pictures of This Colorado 14er!
Quandary Peak
ADDENDUM: On August 9, 2007, I hiked to the summit of Quandary Peak. You are welcome to view my photos and trip report here: Quandary Peak, Colorado.

By the way, I realize I spelled "Quandary Peak" wrongly on this page. ("Quandry Peak" doesn't have the extra "a.") I blame the sign on Highway 9 that had it wrong! ;)

Quandry Peak Quandry Peak is one of Colorado's "14ers" and is located north of Hoosier Pass (on the Breckenridge/Blue River side) in the Blue River valley. It is considered to be a comparatively "easy" mountain to hike among the state 54 "14ers" ... and I plan to hike it this upcoming summer! I took this picture right off of Highway 9 in Blue River, with it showing off some of its fall colors.
Quandry Peak Another shot just north of Hoosier Pass.
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  • Quandry Peak My friend Chris (who owns that Jeep) and I visited Breckenridge one day and I got this shot from the passenger seat as we traveled along! ;)
    Quandry Peak The view of Quandry Peak and other peaks in the Ten Mile Range from the summit of Cameron Point (between Mt. Democrat and Mt. Lincoln).
    Rocky Mountains Standing on the Mt. Lincoln summit, a shot of Quandry Peak to the right with a breath taking view of Platte Gulch and Wheeler Lake.
    Rocky Mountains Standing on the summit of Mt. Sherman, you can see Quandry Peak's summit peaking its head in the middle.

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