Drum Circle In Manitou Springs, CO

Hippies And Manitou Locals Bang Their Drums In Memorial Park

Drum Circle August 2002 - In Memorial Park, there was a "rain dance" where people beat their percussion instruments in unison.

During that summer, there was a significant drought, and I think a community leader quipped that they should do rain dances like in the old days to appeal to the weather gods for us to have more rain. Well, weeks later, there was this drum circle and it became a weekly tradition for awhile.

Adjacent Photo: A guy who long blonde hair hits his drum.

Manitou Springs Drum Circle It was a lot of fun and there was definitely a 1960s hippie feel to the event: Lots of long-haired guys, tie-dye shirts and people dancing around. (And I'm a supporter of all three, ha ha, I have long hair myself!)
Manitou Springs Drum Circle The sound was great!
Bud Ford Bud Ford bangs away at that bongo!
Becky (left photo) told me she organized the event and served ice cream. Very cool!
I played with these cymbals for awhile. :)
Andy This is Andy. He's a dedicated guy musician and good guy.
Drum Circle A woman in purple taps at her violet drum.
Manitou Drum Circle This man was intensely pounding away. Definitely the main advantage to living in Manitou Springs is one gets to encounter really interesting events like this.
Drum Circle One last photo. By the way, I don't think it rained much afterwards, but the drum circle was a good excuse to meet up.

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