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RUSH, COLORADO! A Really Small Town In Eastern El Paso County - August 20, 2005
Colorado Plains
Colorado Plains
Rush, Colorado! Rush is an unincorporated town 40 miles east of Colorado Springs in eastern El Paso County. Here's a couple of photos from the drive on Highway 94. This is definitely the plains! ;)
Rush, Colorado Rush pretty much consists of the intersection of Rush Road and Highway 94.
Rush, CO Post Office
Rush, CO
So here are the hot spots in downtown Rush ...

TOP: The Rush Cafe is on the NE corner!
BOTTOM LEFT: The Rush post office on the SE corner.
80833 baby! :p)
BOTTOM RIGHT: A former general store on the NW corner.
Pink Check out this funky pink barn-shaped shed behind the Rush Cafe!
Windmill It was very rainy throughout our visit. Here's a zoom-in shot looking west towards Pikes Peak.
My buddy Ron came along. Ron is in pictorials of the Royal Gorge and Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Museum.
Trailer Homes
Trailer Home
There's quite a few trailer homes dotting the landscape on Highway 94. The home in the bottom photo is for sale and is very close to the NW corner of Rush Road & Highway 94!
We drove around and a road suddenly turned into a bumpy dirt road. I got a little upset at how washboard bumps were hurting my car. The bumps were so bad I couldn't hold the camera straight. :(
Pikes Peak The lighting from the clouds and rain weren't good for picture taking on the way back, but here's a photo of Pikes Peak approximately 8 to 10 miles west of Ellicott from my "Colorado Extras" pictorial.

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