SALMON DINNER and Fun Evening at Jae & Lisa's - June 2002
Jae's friend Sam cooked some salmon ... what a guy! :)
Lisa made these snacks before hand that were very herbal in taste.
That's Sam, a really neat guy who was visiting from Texas. Sam cooked the salmon perfectly! :)
That's Jae's hand as she hold her cute dog Chaya.
Oh it was a really yummy dinner. I love corn!
There was something about this syrup bottle that really got to me. :(
TA-DA! That's the salmon as the finished product ... Hooray!
That's Sam eating his salmon ... he also made a really delicious sauce to put on top!
Someone brought over a Shnouzer (sp?) dog and Chaya was jumping all over it in excitement.
In fact, Chaya kept chasing the bigger dog throughout the apartment. There they are chasing each other running in circles under the table! Ha ha ha!
Then we played this really fun game. Someone starts by writing a sentence, then the next person draws a picture of it. Then the next person guesses the sentence, then the next draws a sentence again ... and on and on you go. It's real fun!
Then we had these AMAZING Haagen Dazs bars! YUM! (By the way, can you see Chaya chasing the bigger dog in the background?) :)
Sam really liked the ice cream...
...and so did I! (Bad hair day!)
Later that night, I sat on a hammock with two girls. That was nice. :)

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