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SEVEN BRIDGES TRAIL - A Colorado Springs Hike Inside North Cheyenne Canyon
March 13, 2010
Seven Bridges Trail At North Cheyenne Creek - Colorado Springs
Seven Bridges Trail
I have always known this trail as the Seven Bridges Trail (and it really does have seven attractive bridges traveling over the creek) but it might be formally named the North Cheyenne Creek Trail. Either way, this is a hike worthy of your time if you enjoy the North Cheyenne Canyon Preserve west of Colorado Springs.

How To Get There: From the southwest side of Colorado Springs, travel west on Cheyenne Boulevard. This will take you into North Cheyenne Canyon. Pass the Mt. Cutler Trailhead and Helen Hunt Falls areas, and continue up the switchbacks to the dirt parking lot on your left. This parking area is just before the fork where you either choose the "High" or "Low" roads. From the parking lot, we walked approximately 0.75 miles on Gold Camp Road (which is currently gated) before reaching the trailhead on the right.

North Cheyenne Canyon Our Hike - March 13, 2010

Walking on Gold Camp Road toward the trailhead.

North Cheyenne Creek Trail Jones Park, Deer Park and Rosemont can all be reached from this trail.
Seven Bridges Trail Pretty rocky views along the trail. This is a narrow gulch (or perhaps it's large enough to be a canyon?) that is largely uphill from the trailhead.
Seven Bridges Trail


Although Colorado Springs had little to no snow, plenty of snow remains in the mountains.

On that same bridge, I pulled out my tripod and we had some fun. Special thanks to my hiking partners, Melissa, Shay, Melinda and Phil. :)

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  • Boscoe Boscoe, this amazing and cute dog, hiked with us. He loved chasing squirrels and occasionally wandering in the creek.

    Colorado Springs

    On this hike, we did not go very far. I think we traveled about 1.25 to 1.5 miles. We were in a casual mood and turned back where Phil and Melinda stood in the top photo.

    But as you can see in the second adjacent photo, the views become nicer as one continues up the trail. This is looking west at Colorado Springs. One noticeable landmark is the Colorado Springs Airport and its runways.

    Seven Bridges Trail As descended, I made everyone stop and pose. Not a shabby picture of the trail, scenery and hiking group! :)

    North Cheyenne Canyon

    Lars Leber

    Previous Hike - Summer 2005

    On this particular hike, German photographer Lars Leber and I hiked up to Jones Park, then did the full oval-shaped loop back on the Bear Creek Canyon side of the trail.

    Aspens Near what I think was Jones Park, there are many beautiful aspens.
    Rocky Mountains We came down on the trail in Bear Creek Canyon which reached "High Drive." We then walked on the road back to the main parking lot. It was great to be in the mountains!

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