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SEVERANCE, COLORADO (Population 106!) - February 2002
Severance sign Severance, Colorado! Population 106 - "where the geese fly and the bulls cry!" :(
Severance Post Office It's an amazing little town on the plains east of Fort Collins. That's the quaint post office.
View of the mountains from severance Looking west, just outside of town.
severance town hall So I walked all around town and visited town hall. That room is where the city council and municipal court deliberates. This town is even smaller than Mead, Colorado!
Rocky Mountain Oysters Alright, now we get to the GOOD PART! Severance is well-known for it's very popular restaurant called Bruce's Bar, and their staple food is Rocky Mountain Oysters! :)
Mural Well, of course there are no oysters in the mountains of Colorado, and this is a mural on the outside of the restaurant...
Good Grief! Another mural. Okay, okay, they serve bulls' testicles! GOOD GRIEF! Keep in mind Severance is in northern Colorado in the heart of ranching country! :)
severance sign What a town! (Now I'm just dying to know your reaction to those Rocky Mountain Oysters on my FRIENDSHP BOARD)!

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