Buena Vista, Colorado

Snowy Mountains - Rocky Mountain Pictures Around Leadville, Colorado

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Rocky Mountains
January 21, 2005 - Today I drove from Buena Vista to Leadville and came up with this compilation of snow-covered mountain pictures. Mt. Elbert, elevation 14,433 feet, is the summit to the right.
Lake County, Colorado I was actually standing right in the middle of State Highway 24 (south of Leadville) for this picture.
Mount Elbert, CO A zoom-in of Mt. Elbert. This is the highest peak in Colorado! :)
Lake County, Colorado I got this interesting shot of a trailer and orange truck amidst a thick layer of snow.
Leadville, Colorado The town of Leadville sits at 10,000+ feet in elevation.
Rocky Mountains That is Galena Mountain (alt. 12,983 feet), which sits north of Turquoise Lake.
Mount Sherman The western side of the Mt. Sherman is the slightly curved peak on the right.

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