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Gas Station Attendant "BP Shirts" Added to Steve's Wardrobe!

Steve Wears Them In Public; Celebration Ensues At Local Cafe (November 29, 2005)

BUENA VISTA, COLO. -- Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi announced the addition of two snazzy British Petroleum shirts to his beleaguered wardrobe today, which set off a celebration at Bongo Billy's coffee shop in Buena Vista.

"The gas station attendant at the BP (in Buena Vista) was wearing a shirt with that funky BP logo, and I told her I liked it and before I knew it, I had (two shirts) in my hand for ten bucks." explained Steve. (Right photo)

The fun began when Steve wore his BP shirt the next morning and got a photo with Jesse, a punk rock singer who works at the local cafe.

"That shirt is sweet." said Jesse. (Left photo)

Steve has had a reputation for having really old and worn-out clothing in his wardrobe. For example, Steve owns one pair of snearkers, a three-year-old pair with gapping holes in the big toe areas that he still uses for hiking and bicycling.

Steve also endured embarrassing situations such as when his chiropractor spotted a plastic tag on his ripped-up blue tie-dye shirt while laying on the table. He also wore a tattered 12-year-old sweatshirt with a candle wax stain that looked like "barf", that almost made him "blow it" with the attractive girl he was hiking with on a second date.

However today, it was all smiles at Bongo Billy's, as people seemed amazed at the great deal of two shirts for ten dollars.

"There are BP's all over New Zealand, and this has me thinking all about that." said Josh McGeehan (right photo), who grew up in Buena Vista but works full-time at a university in Christchurch, New Zealand. "I love BP too. You are so lucky to have this shirt!"

"The dark blue t-shirt fits real nice and it's comfy. I'll probably wear it during my counseling sessions." added Steve.

Nobody knows if this upgrade in Steve's wardrobe will help with things like his dating life, but he plans to wear the BP shirts frequently. He is even open to the possibility of being some kind of spokesperson for British Petroleum!

"British people rock the house and some day I want a radio show just so I can have people with British accents on there. That and country people from Arkansas." said Steve.

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