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Large Blotches Of Sunscreen Worn On Steve's Face ALL DAY!

Steve Goes Hours In Public With Embarrassing Spots - April 22, 2006

Sunscreen BUENA VISTA, COLORADO - The awful and embarrassing stories just continue to "pile on" for the so-called "Internet personality" of this web site.

Yesterday, Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi reportedly had large blotches of sunscreen on his face while out in the public for approximately five hours. It all started when Steve sloppily put on sunscreen near St. Elmo to hike towards Tincup Pass, but did not carefully rub in the sunscreen all over his face. The large white blotches of sunscreen remained long after his hike while he did numerous chores in Buena Vista.

Sadly, no one had the courage to inform Steve about the glaring blemishes he unknowingly had on his face.

"I could tell the cashier at the supermarket (left photo) was treating me kind of different. Now I know why." reflected Steve.

Steve Mocked And Ridiculed By Friends

"Eeeeewwwww, cheesey white sunscreen face!" wrote Shana in California while in the chat room, "At least it wasn't razor cut toilet paper face."

Sheila R. in Colorado Springs implied it was happenings like these that are the reason Steve can't seem to get a girlfriend. "Now I know why you don't have a girlfriend. You don't think sometimes. Didn't you even look in a mirror to make sure the sunscreen was applied right?"

In the chat room, the ridicule continued the next day as people learned of the embarrassing news.

"It looks like you slathered on a bit much." wrote Tom (known as "Cigar Smoking Man" on the forums), "That's something Tammy Faye Baker would do."

"I put it on at 11 a.m., and didn't rub it in all the way ... and i forgot about it. Man, nothing goes my way." added Steve.

Bike The way Steve finally learned about the huge white spots on his face was when he returned home to review his hiking photos. As a habit, he typically takes a self-portrait of himself for memory's sake (although some contend his photographing of himself reflects his self-centeredness), and upon seeing the photos he realized he still had that sunscreen on his face!

"I immediately washed all of it off in the bathroom." said Steve.

This negative publicity is definitely not something Steve needs right now. Just last week, Steve was photographed riding a children's bike, where he was accused of "looking like a girl" because of his hair (right photo). He was also ridiculed for the large holes in his sneakers and he received an anonymous e-mail contending he was a "loser" because of the attention he gained from completing a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

From a dating perspective, the media frenzy about the awful globs of sunscreen on his face appears to be harming any chances Steve has to get a date.

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