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January 1, 2003

April La June

Howdy folks! I am so excited to tell you about what I've been doing! Okay, where do I start? :P

First of all, I've been hanging out with April LaJune, owner and producer of her own TV show that gives simple, down-to-earth instructions on cooking, crafts, sewing, wedding decorations and domestic matters. Visit her web site to learn more:

Okay, so what's the big deal? Well, I've been sitting through some of her taped shows and after she does a cooking segment, SHE LETS ME EAT ALL OF THE FOOD THAT SHE JUST MADE! :)

See the picture on the right? As the credits are rolling, there's footage of April, two child actresses and myself eating all the yummy food. They're like my phony Hollywood family in a phony kitchen who love me unconditionally and always give me delicious gourmet food for free! HOORAY! :)

By the way, April does her show right out of her home kitchen in Colorado Springs and she can been seen on Adelphia Cable Channel 4 at 1 p.m. on weekdays and on 12:30 p.m. on Saturdays. April, on behalf of all the starving bachelors in the world who don't know how to cook like me, I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! :)

Alrighty, below are some more pictures from my times with April LaJune, the cooking extraordinaire!

Sigh! I Get Hungry Just Typing All About It! :)

In the picture, we're eating Bloody Mary chicken, green bean casserole, freshly baked Hawaiian bread with homemade cherry limeade.
That's April's home kitchen. Isn't her set amazing?
April was doing some kind of craft segment in this one.

Victoria likes working on my hair when there's time to spare.
Oh guys! April made these delicious crab wontons (click for zoom-in) with egg drop soup. It was music to my stomach! :)
A zoom-in of the bloody mary chicken. :)
Awwwwww, what a cute picture!
Just look at that bread! SIGH! :)
It never seems to fail me. :-(

I always find myself freaking out about something.
By the way if you watch TV in Colorado Springs, you might recognize April as a former TV news anchor with a local station. Well, now she's on her own and has plans for her show to go national in 2003! GO APRIL GO! :)

Okay, I really want to know what you think about me hanging out with April LaJune, the cooking extraordinaire, on my:


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