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Cute Pudgy Babies Are ADORABLE!

December 14, 2001

Steve and Alethea Howdy everyone. Well, I just wanted to show off some pictures of Alethea, an absolutely adorable baby of my friends, Chris and Tanya. Last night I got a good shot of Alethea and I and decided to show you guys.

It is just amazing how much Alethea has grown. In fact, take a look at pictures taken in August and see how big she has gotten! Alethea is definitely in the cute baby stage. Once they get a little pudge on them and their faces begin to fill out, WATCH OUT, the cute-o-meter goes through the roof!

Alright, I guess I have a thing for babies. They are so cute and pudgy and Alethea has these big, irresistable blue eyes too. :) I still do not feel comfortable holding babies, but think I could get over that if I held babies more often.

Alethea, WHAT A CUTIE!Chris and Tanya are the proud parents. Chris has been on the web site often. He is the one who is pictured laughing really hard while reading the fart book. We have also smoked cigars together and Chris has consistenly offered lively quotations for news articles, the latest being the whole Wyoming business card fiasco.

Tanya has also been on the web site. She got a kick out of the page I made when she was pregnant, and you must see the funny picture of her and Brent when I showed my underwear during our Bible Study. It's hilarious! Ha aha ha ha aha ha ha aha ha!

Just look at that shot of Alethea. What an adorable baby! Oh, do you remember Hannah, that cute baby girl in Bakersfield that made news when she picked her first nose booger? Well, Alethea and Hannah are cousins. :)

Alright, it is time to start the day. Bye bye everyone! Love, Steve :)

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See how much she has grown? :)

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