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Hair Consultant Phil No-Shows Annual Web Site Barbeque!

(People Enjoy "Really Fun" Barbeque Gathering; Many Upset With HC's Absence)

Septemer 2004

FALCON, CO -- Fun, laughter and festive conversations were enjoyed by all at the second annual ColoradoGuy Summer BBQ in Falcon, Colorado. However, the current Hair Consultant, Phil McWilliams, did not attend the widely publiclized social gathering. Many attendees were quite disturbed at Phil's shameful disregard to meet some of the very people who voted to elect him Hair Consultant in the April 2004 election.

With Phil's no-show the news of the afternoon, an empty chair was photographed by the ColoradoGuy press to symbolize his absence. (See adjacent photo)

"If you can't say something good, then fire him." said Bernie Doyle of New Jersey, while speaking with Jane S., known as Jeep Chick on the forums. "What has (Phil) done? Nothing! Phil, I voted for you. You're a big disappointment." added Bernie, as he looked directly into the camera.

To make matters worse, Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi admitted he does not have Phil's phone number and has no way of contacting him. "I knew where he used to work in Manitou, but he's not (employed) there anymore." explained Steve.

Not many would have been sympathetic to whatever excuse Phil, a local Colorado Springs resident, might have offered for not attending the barbeque, especially with so many out-of-state and international visitors who traveled to Colorado to enjoy the social weekend.

"Of course, Phil isn't here. Phil is a loser! He doesn't do anything. He hasn't done jack for your hair. Phil is such a loser, Steve. C'mon you can do better than that." said Sarah of Nampa, Idaho, whose nickname is The Village Idiot on the forums.

"Don't you think it's strange that he's never visited the forums?" added Beth of Falcon, Colorado, known as Littlehands on the forums and who campaigned hard for Phil's chief opponent, Laura "Laloo" Johnson of southern California.

Phil's controversial no-show revived memories of last year's barbeque, when Hair Consultant Alissa also insulted the ColoradoGuy community by not attending, because she was obsessively spending all of her time with her lame boyfriend. Alissa was fired just weeks later.

"I still think Phil (adjacent photo) is doing an okay job, but one of these days these phony Hair Consultant politicans are going to learn that they can't 'blow everyone off' after they've won the election." said Steve.

Phil's job approval rating was 35% in June, the last time a poll was taken. Hair Consultant Phil's critics have ridiculed him with the fitting label of the "Absentee Politician," because of his inavailablity to Steve. Others however, laud his no-nonsense, anti-drama queen stands and suggest his leadership has helped Steve stick with a daily haircare routine with periodic visits to his hairdresser for split-end trimmings.

A Pictorial of the 2004 ColoradoGuy Barbeque!
The ColoradoGuy Festival! :)
This was almost everyone in attendance! Sarah and I weren't in the photo, so there's one of us! :)

Special thanks to Tote and her family for hosting the barbeque. Look at all the pets and cute farm animals she has on her farm! :) That last photo is an old 1970's Toyota sitting happily on her property! ;)
Gene, known as "Mr. Littlehands" barbeques meat on the grill! :P
Jeep Chick and Nick talk about Hair Consultant Phil's absence.
MareP and One With The Tao of Ohio and Washington state respectively, couldn't attend but sent cardboarded photos of themselves! Awwwwwww!
Look! That's Bernie imitating the Mexican guy on the package of tortilla chips! ;)

There was lots of food!

A few random eating photos:
TOP LEFT: Nick eats a hamburger. Girl drinks in background.
TOP RIGHT: Littlehands, Jeep Chick and Chuck all eating! :)
SECOND LEFT: Kansas Kelly feeds herself. Anne smiles.
SECOND RIGHT: Bernie (middle) speaks with food in mouth.
THIRD DOWN: Sarah (left) puts a chip in her mouth. Tote (right) eats.
BOTTOM: Tote (right) in mid-chew. Sarah's brother cuts meat in background.
Sarah (The Village Idiot), Jane (Jeep Chick) and Beth (Littlehands). All three campaigned really hard for Laloo in the April 2004 election, who finished in second place behind Phil.
Anne and Dr. Westcott (the waffle guy).
Look! That's a photo of Tote with her first horse at age 12!
Jeep Chick and "Mr. Jeep" :)
The empty chair! :(
Bernie vents his thoughts about Phil's no-show as Littlehands looks on.
Outside on the patio.
Bernie's sister in New Jersey (Sharon) made and sent guacamole with Bernie to the festival. Nick really liked it! :)
As we were setting up the official photo of all attendees, a couple of impromptu shots of everyone laughing as they smeared guacamole above their lips.
More 2004 ColoradoGuy Festival stuff is coming! Here's what I got so far:
  • Aspen Roadtrip
  • Guests Clean Steve's Kitchen
  • Saturday Breakfast & Pikes Peak & Manitou Arcade
  • Extreme Ironing Atop Pikes Peak

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