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Hair Consultant Ben's No-Show Disgraces Web Site Holiday!

(Ben "Disses" Hair Consultant Appreciation Day At Annual Festival Barbeque)

Septemer 2005

SILOAM SPRINGS, ARKANSAS -- What a disgrace! Ben Paulson, the current Hair Consultant and guest of honor of the newly-created holiday called "Hair Consultant Appreciation Day", no-showed the event which included the annual ColoradoGuy Festival and barbeque held on Labor Day weekend in northwest Arkansas.

Hair Consultant Appreciation Day was supposed to be a day to honor and thank Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi's current Hair Consultant, and spread goodwill to all who previously served in the position. But with Hair Consultant Ben "dissing" the event, a mood of cynnicism and outrage flowed in the air and a picture of an empty patio chair (adjacent photo) was taken to symbolize Ben's decision to bypass the barbeque.

"I'm just disappointed he's not here. I even made this cake to celebrate." said Kansas Kelly (left photo), who finished third against Ben in the April 2005 Hair Consultant election. (Kelly defiantly attempted to quit her campaign - completely against election rules - and even endorsed Ben on the forums.)

Sadly, it was recently revealed Hair Consultant Ben made time to type messages on the Politics Forum on Labor Day, where he is a regular visitor and champion of socialism under the name of "One With The Tao".

"That's typical socialist behavior. (Ben) worked hard to place himself into a key position within a program & then when he was called on for help nobody showed up for accountability. He'll probably blame Karl Rove or W. for his no show." wrote 'Florida Pete' Harrison, a rival who finished second to Ben in the April 2005 election.

"Ben (goes) crazy in the Politics Forum. He's like Michael Moore after drinking 5 Mountain Dews!" Pete added.

Ben Accused Of Hypocrisy and "Being A Politician" as Approval Rating Plummets

What made Ben's absence even more scandalous was his glaring hypocrisy in criticizing a deadbeat Hair Consultant two years ago for not attending the 2003 ColoradoGuy barbeque, but here we are two years later and Ben (right photo) did the exact same thing!

"You'd think Ben would have learned, but no. What an embarrassment this is to the ColoradoGuy community." said Steve dejectedly.

"I wish I could have met Ben. Oh well!" said Keema (far right in bottom left photo), a friendly local Arkansan who frequently visits the Arkansas Social Forum and had loads of fun during the entire weekend.

Two things have become certain almost every year:

1) The "ColoradoGuy Festival" and barbeque will be enjoyed by many as part of the annual festivies of this web site.

2) Another acting Hair Consultant will insult the ColoradoGuy community by no-showing the events as Ben did.

As reported above, this is not the first time a Hair Consultant has no-showed a major web site event. In 2003, Hair Consultant Alissa no-showed the annual barbeque and was fired weeks later, and in 2004 Hair Consultant Phil was consequently fired after he shamefully "blew off" both annual events.

A recent poll indiciated Ben's approval rating is decreasing significantly. Only 48% approve of his work from a poll in late July and even among those who approve, almost all agree Ben has done absolutely nothing for Steve in the categories of leadership and helping in practical ways to help Steve grow his hair long.

"The bottom line is Ben was friendly to everyone like a politician when he ran for Hair Consultant, but now where is he? Ben isn't here." reasoned Steve, "The fact that he criticzied Alissa for not showing up and he did the same tells me he isn't much different."

The ColoradoGuy Festival is an annual gathering on Labor Day weekend where forum "regulars" meet in person, socialize and enjoy fun activities together. This year, Hair Consultant Appreciation Day was added as a new holiday to the weekend of festivies held in northwest Arkansas. It was the first ColoradoGuy Festival held outside of Colorado.

A Few Photos of the 2005 ColoradoGuy Barbeque & Hair Consultant Appreciation Day!
The empty chair! Ben, we missed you! :(

Here are the past festivals & barbeques:
  • 2004 Barbeque, 2003 Barbeque
  • 2005 ColoradoGuy Festival in Arkansas
  • '04 Festival, '03 Festival
  • Kansas Kelly made a fantastic cake. It was good! :)
    Kansas Kelly's Dad doing what he loves ... barbequing!
    Kansas Kelly's parents, Kelly and Keema! We had a small but intimate web site barbeque and Hair Consultant Appreciation holiday ... We love you all!

    Feel free to be social or make comments about Ben's no-showing the barbeque and Hair Consultant Appreciation Day on my:


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