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Bath Mat Has Not Been Washed In Nine Months!

Steve Confirms Rumors of Moldy & Dirty Bath Mat In His Bathroom - June 7, 2005

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi's poor housekeeping habits reached a new low today when he confirmed rumors that his bath mat has not been washed since receiving it as a gift over nine months ago. Yes! Nine long months ago!

The rumors began shortly after houseguest Dave Ortiz (a bicyclist in Durango) used Steve's bathroom last month. Inadvertently learning about this, Nick Hughes (a regular visitor in Britian) asked on the Friendship Board, "Has he got a new bath mat yet?"

Pressure continued to mount for Steve to "come clean" with the ColoradoGuy community, especially after Kansas visitors Laura S. and her cute daughter Sierra used his bathroom.

"Okay, it's true. I haven't washed the bathmat. Kansas Kelly bought it for me last year during the festival (because she was "grossed out" over the previous bath mat) and I haven't done anything with it." explained Steve. (Adjacent photo)

The reactions among the ColoradoGuy community range from shock to ridicule, with not much in between.

"Doesn't that mean zillions of your dead body cells will be on that mat?" exclaimed "Helen the Brit" (who runs the Deaf & Hearing Loss Forum) in the chat room, "Eeeeeeewwwwwwww! Go wash it!!"

A woman in Ohio named Vanilla Bean had even harsher words for Steve: "I don't think I can talk to you anymore. Someone who hasn't washed their bath mat in NINE MONTHS. Horrors!" She also wrote, "Your bath mat reminds me of the group house I used to live in. We would never use the boys bathroom in the basement lol, b/c there was literally mold and fungus growing on the bathmat. ick"

A close-up photo (adjacent) provided proof that the bath mat had a "semi-moldy" odor according to Steve's description, with dirty-looking gray shades on the originally light green fabric.

"Look! It's not that big of a deal. I'm so tired of answering questions where people are looking for a scandal to publicize." blurted Steve with a raised voice, "Everyone back off!"

The so-called "Internet personality" did not comment on what he actually plans to do with the dirty bath mat, such as washing it or buying a new one.

Steve's questionable housekeeping skills have been publicized to his embarassment many times over the years. Unwashed dirty dishes have been photographed three times in the past five years, and his eating of "bad toast" and yogurt for dinner last year caused plenty of criticism for him as well.

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