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Concerned Woman Contributes Free Beef to Steve's Freezer

July 2002

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- And then there was food!

Feeling pity and remorse for the poor, financially struggling Internet artist, Woodland Park resident Denise S., a regular visitor of this web site, delivered a sizeable quantity of beef for Steve's freezer at no cost!

Her generous gift included prime rib steaks, ground hamburger, large packages of sausage and elk meat. Before her visit last weekend, Steve's freezer was completely empty and his refrigerator was very scarce with food.

Denise, popularly known as Pikes Peak Denise on the Friendship Board, was very concerned that Steve's bachelor lifestyle and poor cooking abilities was negatively affecting his appetite and overall happiness.

After meeting Steve in person, she reflected, "Let me tell you gals out there, he is a very nice and polite guy, although more shy in person that one would guess from this web site ... Maybe we could have a contest setting Steve up with some nice girls to date."

"Look, let's just stick with food right now and not get into the girlfriend issue," replied Steve, "The elk meat was so stinkin' good. I was in heaven!" exclaimed Steve.

Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation towards Denise, Steve walked the 33-year-old married woman and her cute baby to Twin Springs, a local mineral spring in his Manitou Springs neighborhood.

"I couldn't give her anything of value, so I took her to the spring well for some local flavor." explained Steve, "Come to think of it, maybe I should have given her a free hat."

Dinner, the Next Day

The following afternoon, Steve made 6 delicious hamburgers for himself (he ate 3 on the spot) and later that evening broiled two delightful steaks for him and his house guest, Marie.

"Is this safe to eat?" asked Marie, who spent most of her life as a vegetarian but ate the steak out of kindness to Steve.

"I told her she didn't have to eat it that I wouldn't be offended at all. Heck, I'd be more than happy to eat that steak myself!"

Steve also served green beans and mandarins with the dinner. Later on, Marie and Steve played Trivial Pursuit in the living room.

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