Hi folks! CLICK HERE to read a message that was posted on one of the bingo player's PBA during the meeting! Also, click here to read my own version of what happened. IT WAS FUN! Love, Steve :) 5/13/03

Bingo Game Planned During Manitou City Council Meetings!

February 16, 2003

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO - Attempting to overcome his relentless feelings of boredom at Mantiou Springs City Council meetings, Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi created a bingo game this weekend that he intends to play at City Hall on Tuesday night.

Using ordinary craft paper and ink pens, Steve drew three bingo cards that contain commonly used words that are often heard during the municipal government's weekly hearings. Bingo words range from geographical places such as "Crystal Hills," "Spa Building" and "Colorado Springs" to procedural words like "motion," "agenda," "application" and "adjourn." Even proper names of participants such as McDonald, Verlo (two council members) and Jensen (the city attorney) are included.

"I think (Manitou City Council bingo) is a great idea. It would be funny if you stood up and yelled 'Bingo!' ... but don't actually do that." stated Councilwoman Donna Ford, the only elected official Steve has had the courage to tell about his new bingo game.

"Sometimes I'm just sitting there and they're talking about culverts or easements or who-knows-what and I'm thinking to myself, 'Oh my goodness! This is really bad! I gotta get out of here.'" explained Steve, who does his best to sit through entire meetings.

"I'm hoping this Bingo game will help pass the time and keep me focused on the usually mundune proceedings."

Steve contends he often invites others to attend the city meetings with him, but so far he has had no takers. He has even offered to buy dinner for his friends at Adam's Mountain Café and a nice mocha at Spice of Life Café as compensation if they commit to sitting through a weekly Tuesday night meeting with Steve.

"Why would anyone want to sit through that? You couldn't pay me enough (to sit through a meeting) and no, playing bingo isn't enough to get me there." exclaimed Beth Williams, a friend in neighboring Colorado Springs.

Whether alone or with many, Steve looks forward to playing bingo next Tuesday night and is willing to play two bingo cards at one time.

"Bingo rocks. I'll probably start out trying to get five in a row in any direction and we'll see how things go." said Steve.

Picture of Steve having a hard time at City Hall...

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