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Plastic Tag Is Still On Blue Tie-Dye Shirt After Four Years!

Chiropractor Spots Plastic Tag; Steve Tearfully Admits To Embarrassing Wardrobe But Denies "Ever Knowing" - August 13, 2005

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- Talk about the embarrassment!

Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi's light blue tie-dye t-shirt that he has been wearing for the past four years has always had the plastic tag stuck on the back of the shirt! (Yes! For the past four years!)

The embarrassing news was learned when "Austin the Chiropractor" spotted the plastic tag while Steve was laying face down on his chiropractic table. It was the first time anyone, including Steve, had noticed the plastic tag on the well-worn tie-dye t-shirt.

"Um, do you realize you still have your plastic tag on your shirt?" asked Austin Deimold of Cafe of Life Chiropractic in Cascade.

Steve purchased the attractive shirt in Manitou Springs when he first moved to the quaint, historic town in 2001. The webmaster has worn this particular tie-dye shirt regularly throughout the years, as seen by non-dairy creamer story, the local sculptor pictorial and the "No Muffler on Honda CRX" story.

Sadly, the shirt has become so tattered that awful-looking holes (see adjacent photo) are showing on the front side of the shirt, which makes him fit right on with all of the scary-looking hippies who often "hang out" in nearby Soda Springs Park.

"I honestly never knew that plastic tag was on my blue tie-dye shirt. I would have taken it off if I had known." Steve tearfully admitted, who wanted to come clean with the public. (Right photo)

"Steve let me talk some sense into you: IT IS TIME TO RETIRE THAT SHIRT!" wrote Kansas Kelly (a regular on the forums) in an e-mail, "... and definitely don't wear it if you're with a girl."

Others however, seemed to take advantage of the situation and made a mockery of the plastic tag: "OMG STEVE THIS IS HYSTERICALLY FUNNY!" wrote Jeep Chick, another regular on the forums.

Steve's wardrobe has been highly scrutinized and criticized numerous times since this web site was created in 2000. In 2002, Steve's ripped shorts in the back were photographed for his viewing audience. His wardrobe was mocked by patrons at a local cafe in 2003, and his wearing of his "ratty old" Rutgers t-shirt on a second date with an eHarmony match almost ended his any chance he had for romance.

It's Probably Time To Retire The Light Blue Tie-Dye Shirt! :( A Tribue ...
I wore the light blue tie-dye shirt during the non-dairy creamer article in 2001.
Three years later from the non-dairy creamer story, I wore that same tie-dye when my muffler fell of my Honda CRX. :(
Inside a Cripple Creek casino in 2003.
A nice shot of my now-retired tie-dye, as I became angry and poked the eye of a Frank Peretti statue. (While visiting Scott Stearman in Green Mountain Falls in 2004)
During my Wetmore pictorial. I'm going to miss this tie-dye! :'(

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