Hair Bonnet Protects Steve's Hair From Elements

November 9, 2001

What a lovely looking Hair Bonnet! MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- Have you ever worn a hair bonnet?

Throughout the week, Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi has been wearing a purple bonnet to protect his long, naturally curly hair from outside elements. While sleeping at night, the soft, silky material is believed to greatly diminish the risk of split-end damage to his dark locks.

Lisa J., a friend from in Idaho Falls, Idaho, sewed the bonnet and mailed it to Steve out of concern that his continual twisting and turning while asleep required something to appease his occasionally unruly hair.

"Oh I love the bonnet. It really protects my hair at night." said Steve. "I know I look a little funny in it, but it's worth it if it takes care of my hair."

"Oh that looks pretty." exclaimed Sherri Auld of Colorado Springs, who noticed Steve wearing the bonnet at his weekly bible study, "Did someone from the web site send you that?"

Not all are impressed with Steve's bonnet. "Goodness! What the heck are you doing wearing a bonnet?! People are going to think you're a freak!" shouted Amy Houghton, a co-worker of the "Internet personality".

According to Steve, his plan is to wear the bonnet consistently in bed, which helps keep his hair from getting in his eyes.

"I even love the color too," declared Steve, "It's a really hot looking purple. I love it! That woman in Idaho rocks. She's awesome!"

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