Manitou City Council "Boredom Notes" Released to Public!
(Steve's Chicken Scratch Notes Reveal Extent of His Boredom!)

June 11, 2003

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- First, there was the famed Letter from a Birmingham Jail, then there were the embarassing Nixon Tapes, and now there are the riveting Manitou Springs Boredom Notes!

Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi's chicken scratch notes were released for the first time to the general public, in which he doodled, scribbled and jotted things in his notepad during an unusually long and boring Manitou Springs City Council meeting on March 18.

"I knew releasing these documents was the right thing to do ... I really didn't want to walk around this town with any secrets like this." stated the Internet personality, who once organized bingo games to combat the monotony of the weekly meetings.

Included in the notes are handdrawn maps of Minnesota and El Paso County, notes about the Spa Building, golf and the recent Hair Consultant election. Most disturbing however, was Steve's apparent disgust with himself after realizing that he opted to sit in the far left corner of the public seating area, which made a subtle exit nearly impossible to achieve.

"I should have sat by the door," wrote Steve, "I'm trapped. I can't leave!" (See adjacent picture)

"The Boredom Notes! Wow! You should see if the Manitou Historical Society folks would want to put that in their display. It could be a collector's item someday." stated Carl Houghton of Manitou Springs.

NOTE: Below are the actual "Boredom Notes" that were torn from Steve's notebook.

The Manitou "Boredom Notes" Revealed!

Special thanks to Clint Lewis for sitting next to me during the meeting. Without him, I don't know what my notes would have looked like! :O
I drew that map of the western United States from my head! ;)
Clint requested that I draw Minnesota. Pretty good, huh? :-P
Oh boy, here's where I kinda lost it. :(
I guess I really do like Sonic! ;)
Check out this poem I wrote titled "Boredom" and while I gotcha here, check out MY POETRY FORUM!
I forget who Clint said he was going to vote for in the Hair Consultant election.
That's my best stab at a map of Manitou Springs.
I even drew a map of El Paso County with highways and surrounding mountains!
It's true: The closest I've come to a hole-in-one on a real golf course is 5 inches! ;)
My! I actually took semi-intelligent notes regarding the Spa Building! Ha ha ha ha ha!

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