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Hi everyone. The business card sold for $4.50! WOO-HOO! Love, Steve :)

Steve Sells Wyoming Governor's Business Card on Ebay

December 9, 2001

CLICK HERE TO SEE A CLOSE UP of the Wyoming Business Card MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- In a bold effort to increase his meager income as a part-time worker and graduate student, Steve Garufi is selling an official business card of Wyoming Governor Jim Geringer with his autograph inscribed across the card.

Starting the auction on Saturday night, the opening bid is fifty cents. At this time, there have been no bidders.

Steve, who visited the Wyoming State Capitol Building in Cheyenne last week, received the business card after walking into the Governor's office and humbly introducing himself as a tourist from Colorado. Along with receiving the business card and a free highway map of Wyoming, Steve requested to have a picture of him and the governor (who was out of town), but was granted a picture of him and the Secretary of State, Joseph Meyer.

Wyoming State Capitol Dome"I was really scared and intimidated to go in the governor's office, but the secretary was really friendly and made a fuss over me. She and the state auditor gave me the governor's business card with his signature. It looks really cool." explained Steve.

This fall, Steve created a small and steady source of income by selling items in his apartment that he no longer needed. However, many are questioning whether Steve is going too far in selling on Ebay a business card he received as a gift, which may be an indication of his desperate financial status, or worse, a blatant violation of his moral standards.

Critical and disparaging remarks dominated the conversation at Steve's Bible Study, where he originally verbalized his intent to sell Governor Geringer's gift.

"That's just tacky," exclaimed Chris Morton, the leader of the Thursday night group, "If I gave you (that autographed business card) as a gift, I'd be insulted."

Emma Huthcings of Colorado Springs thought the gift should be saved as a souvenir and questioned whether state officials in Cheyenne would frown upon exposure from ColoradoGuy publicity.

"Wouldn't you want to keep it it's like a special piece of memorabilia. Also, the governor could get upset about it, being that his signature is online." Emma commented.

Steve Answers Back About the Wyoming Business CardDespite the disapproval of friends, Steve has proceeded to auction the business card on Ebay.

"Look, those people in the Capitol Building were so nice to me. I can't imagine them getting upset for selling a silly business card. Give me a break!"

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