Scented Candle Burns Steve's Nose Hairs

March 22, 2001

lovely candle! COLORADO SPRINGS, CO -- Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi burned his nose hairs this week while leaning too close to a candle flame in his Colorado Springs apartment.

The wild berry scented candle, situated on a work desk next to Steve's computer, was recently purchased along with three other scented candles in an effort to fight a horrible mildew odor from a recent flood in Steve's basement apartment.

"I leaned down to sniff it and all of a sudden I hear a crackling sound and then I realized my nose hairs were on fire. I'm just glad it didn't burn my naturally curly hair." said Steve.

According to Steve, the burning of his nose hairs was momentary. His nostrils did not feel any discomfort, but he admitted he could sniff a smoldering smell through his nose immediately after the incident.

This scented candle episode is not isolated. Garufi is notorious for having a peculiar tendency toward smelling items such as newspaper ink, the pages of a new book and even people's hair.

Sherri Auld of Colorado Springs, who desired and failed to become Steve's 7th Hair Consultant (and has insisted she is not bitter towards Hair Cosnultant Dawnn), was terse in her comments to Steve: "Well, (your smelling) is kinda like a dog…you know how when dogs smell each others' butts. It just seems strange that you would do that ... so there's some feedback."

Garufi commented that he would be more careful the next time he has the urge to smell his scented candles and regretted the incident ever happened.

"Here I am sharing my life with the world and people like Sherrie knock me for it. Gee whiz." replied Steve with dejection.

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