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Obsession With Sniffing Scented Candles Gets Out of Hand

(Hazelnut Cream in Living Room; Strawberry Cheesecake in Bathroom)

July 30, 2004

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- Two new scented candles, recently purchased for his Manitou Springs apartment, revealed Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi's habit of sniffing candles has gotten "way out of hand" according to local reports.

The so-called "Internet personality" was photographed smothering his nose against the front side of a round Hazelnut Cream candle in his living room, and Steve admitted he "loves walking into his bathroom now" because of the wonderful scent from the strawberry cheesecake candle.

"These scented candles rock. I used to have strawberry cheesecake in my old counseling office, and people would always get hungry by the end of our session." explained Steve.

Some, however, have questioned whether it's appropriate for a professional counselor such as Steve to engage in a questionable, if not disturbing practice of sniffing a scented candle every five minutes.

"Don't you think that's a little weird to be sniffing a candle like that so much?" asked Darlene Taylor of Colorado Springs, "You do the most bizarre things."

Bernie Doyle of Lincoln Park, New Jersey, a regular visitor of this web site, defended Steve's candle sniffing practices.

"Who are they to tell you what mental health workers should be doing? And who decides what's normal? Only a self-righteous person one would say that's 'weird.'" exclaimed Bernie, who also warned Steve about the risk of his long, naturally curly hair catching on fire.

Steve placed the large hazelnut cream candle on his living room coffee table, between two of his cheesy-looking water fountains. (See left) The smaller strawberry cheesecake candle sits above the toilet. (See right)

Over three years ago, the press published an article when Steve's nose hairs actually burned from placing his nose too close to a scented candle.

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